spewing goregrind since 2000
a tasty goulash of gore, grind and death

+++ Mozek Motors +++ goregrinding experience +++
+++Berlin-based subsidiary medical goregrind research company of goreKing productions +++

+++ founded in 2000 by Torge -goreKing- Ließmann (ex-Motorsägenservice, ex-The Ocean, Aas, I Krigets Skimrande Glöd) +++

+++ participators: Sven Ließmann, git/bass (Casus), Markus Gundall, voc (ex-The Ocean, ex-Voltron), Janos Raddatz, voc (Voltron), Walid Farruque, git (ex-The Ocean), Meta Mallorca, voc (World of Shit, ex-The Ocean) +++

+++ 2004 first results of experiments called "TwinTowerTorture Sessions" +++

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+++ still searching for test subjects and investors +++

+++ customers, labels and distributors get in touch +++